How do I determine what size watch strap I need?
– Please see our Sizing page for assistance with sizing.

Do you customize watch straps?
– YES! For more detail about custom straps, please go to Custom Straps.

What material do you have for watch straps?
– We have premium calf leather and authentic crocodile skin.

What brand of watches do you make straps for?
– We can make for most any brand of watches. Please tell us what watch do you have.

Can I use my original buckle?
– Sure. You can either add our buckle option into your order, or use your original one. For best fit, we may ask you to send the detail and the picture of your current straps and buckle, so that your new straps can fit into your buckle perfectly.

What do the tapered sizes mean?
– Tapered straps start out wider at the lugs (the end that attaches to your watch) and narrow (taper) toward the direction of the tail and the buckle. For example 20/18 lug width. This means the lug is 20mm wide and the buckle width is 18mm. Keep in mind that the higher number is the lug width and the smaller number is the buckle/tail width.

How do I pay?
– You can refer to Store Policies page for more information.

Do you ship internationally?
– YES! We ship worldwide.

How much is shipping cost?
– Please see the shipping option here.